2020 Design Software

20-20 Design Software is a catalog based CAD product allowing you to design your kitchen and bath layouts by dimension inserting doors, windows and appliances from generic included catalogs. Once the rough design is generated, you can place product from manufacturer supplied catalogs to complete the design. Pricing the completed design is as simple as making various manufacturer style selections and generating a report.

Drawing designs via pencil and straight edge is a cumbersome and time consuming task. With 20-20 you can produce 3-D perspective drawings, elevations and floor plans in seconds from your design. The drawings are exportable to various file formats allowing attachment to electronic e-mails for transmission anywhere via your computer.

The software is sold by license (right to use) and secured via USB port Keys. A single license of 20-20 can be installed on any number of machines requiring only to move the security device to access the software. This affords the opportunity to move your designs from desktop to laptop making your sales presentation “mobile”.

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We welcome the opportunity to discuss how 20-20 Software might assist you in your business endeavors.



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